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Does anyone know of any junior schools in the Nottingham/Derby area that would be interested in startign a Goblin team? I'm currently studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Nottigham.

I've been a competitor/marshall with Greenpower for the last 8 years and would love to get more schools involved. I am currently int eh process of becomming a STEM ambassador so have a current CRB check.



  • Emma,

    Have you had any luck identifying a school?

    If not, try contacting a secondary school that is participating in Greenpower and ask to speak to the feeder primary schools. I'm sure they will be pleased to help. Your next hurdle will be funding for the kits. Primary school's budgets are very precious. I have some good contacts with a few large companies in Derby and I am sure I will be able to get you some support, should you need it.

    Also if you are studying a Mechanical Engineering degree, can I suggest that you join the IMechE as a student member and become part of their ambassador gold program - They will provide you with some great development opportunities. It will also give you access to their Young Members network, which will give you access to funding and people willing to help you.

    Good luck

  • Emma,

    Following on from Ian's message above, although we don't run Goblins we have been involved in Greenpower for about six years and currently have a three car team. Our school, Foremarke Hall, Repton Prep. School, Milton, Derby is located between Derby and Burton-upon-Trent and if you feel we could help, please feel free to ask.

    We do have children from Reception up to Yr.8 but we decided to go for the full GP experience. I suppose if I had the time I could also have included Goblins for the younger children!


    Chris Canavan
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