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2012 Team Peugeot Citroen Car.

Peugeot Citroen UK are committed to electric & hybrid cars and have decided with the help of the design centre in Paris, to design a new car for 2013/14.

For this to happen we have decided to sell our 2012 car after only a few races, to further fund this project and push on with the build.

Our 2012 car is a full carbon-fibre monocoque, with new running gear this season. The chassis was dipped and coated by Wicked Coatings.

We have only run the car a few time this year due to other commitments, The car is complete and all set up ready to go.

We are sell the complete package with batteries, spare motor, spare axle and other spares.

Priced £3000 + VAT, or near offers

Please see our facebook page for pictures.

If you would like to see the car we will be at the finals at Goodwood or alternatively you can contact me via email or phone.

Phone: 07824 862366


  • Smart looking car you've got there.

    How does it sit with regards to the 2013 regulations? I notice from the photos you have a carbon fibre roll bar - presumably it's a big job to fit a new roll bar in 6 months, unless Greenpower make a significant exemption. What about auxilliary batteries and datalogging?
  • Can we see this anywhere else apart from Facebook? We don't do this media for obvious reasons.

  • Hi PGR01,

    Our car complies with the 2013 reg's.

    The roll hoop is Alloy, with a carbon dipped coating. all other spec's meet the 2013 reg's that greenpower have sent to us, as we are in the process of design and build of a new Peugeot Citroen car.

    There is no data logging equipment on the car and comes with batteries that are a season old.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Foremark,

    send me an email and ill send you some pictures, or you are welcome to visit us in Coventry to view the car if that helps.

  • Team_psa my email

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