Just been looking at the rules for F24+ and the championship table. Looks like Dougal only competed in one heat prior to the final and the rules say you have to compete in two heats to qualify for the final?


  • I noticed this but then realised lots of the cars in the table, that raced in the final, only show one result. Think that if you finish outside the points it doesn't show up in the table.

  • In the race report it says Dougal was disqualified from 2 of its 3 races so surely that is only one valid race. Either way is this a rule or a guild line and does it apply to 2013?
  • The regulation is 'entered at least two heats'. As far as I know, Dougal entered four this year - Croft, Rockingham, Aintree, and Castle Combe - even if they weren't classified.

    At Croft they withdrew themselves because they got some batteries mixed up, and at Rockingham they finished fifth. At Aintree the DQ was due to a well publicised regulations infringement. At Castle Combe, although the car was entered no Sandbach teams attended.

    BobC is probably best to answer why Dougal was allowed to enter but I expect this was a condition of the 'agreement' after Aintree. It does seem odd - but it was great to see Dougal there and finishing well.

    There are no changes to the sporting regulations for 2013 so I'm sure it applies next year.

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