Any tips for a new goblin group?

Our school in Cheltenham (St. Edward's) has been involved in Formula 24+ for a few years. We are now getting our year 5/6 pupils involved by starting Goblins, and will be starting the club after Christmas. How long does the kit take to build? What sort of extra activities could we do to keep the kids busy at our weekly club meeting? are there any Goblin groups near us? Any other general tips would be gratefully received.


  • We built a Goblin a few years ago in conjunction with a local primary school and from what I remember it took about 20 hours or so. There are loads of things that can be done whilst building the car. We had a design competition for the Graphics on the bodywork for one. I am also developing a project based on a clockwork motor which kind of mirrors Greenpower (common motor, maximum sizes for car, bodywork etc) The kids can then develop their own cars etc whilst building the Goblin. The idea is to drag race them over 5m and I am thinking of using Scalextric track. TEP used to do a buggy kit using an electric motor which we have also used in the past in a similar way. Kitroniks do class kits for small electronic projects which also may be useful to you! We have also made spaghetti bridges, paper aeroplanes, sponsorship packs, balloon cars etc! HTH
  • Hi Chris, nobody very close - there are some a bit further south - Bristol, and Chipping Sodbury used to support a local primary. The other cluster an hour away is in Witney where we have six schools working with The Henry Box School. There will be Goblin events at Renishaw in Wotton under Edge and at the Motor Heritage Centre at Gaydon, neiother on your doorstep but not too far away.

    We quote an average build time of 15 hours. We do have some forces worksheets if you are interested - if you are, please contact Hannah in the New Year.
  • Many thanks to you both for the information. We start building when we go back to school. If any of the nearer schools fancy getting together in some way we would be keen to establish more links and perhaps end up with a more local goblin event if there are enough of us? Chris
  • I cannot find the Gaydon event on the website; does it appear under another name? chris
  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry for latemess of teh reply, only just back in the office following some surgery. We are still waiting for confirmation from Gaydon so can't announce it yet - we should have it in the next few days so will let you know as soon as possible. Mike
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