Prometheus's Brother goes Gravity Racing and hits 60 Kph

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Cast from the same mould Literally


  • That looks amazing! We ran a gravity racer (or soapbox) at an event in Hinckley last summer and will be again this summer. I put images of it on the twitter site if anyone wants to have a look.

    The car was a modified version of one that ran at Goodwood many years ago and the artwork on the body was designed a local school girl as we ran a competition in local schools to design the car's colour scheme.

    Soapbox racing uses a lot of the same principles as Greenpower racing (on the mechanical side rather than the electrical side) and would be a great side project for any schools to do!

    Alisdair @ MIRA
  • Wow that does look quick especially down those narrow and I guess bumpy lanes !
  • Hi Alisdair - A MIRA soapbox raced at the same track as that Lola soapbox a few years ago. It went really well until it swapped ends on the last run and did a high speed parking manoeuvre into the bales... ;-)

    Not sure where the "60mph" figure comes from though. That Lola is certainly capable of well over 60mph, but not on that course. ~45 is nearer the mark I reckon.
  • Well spotted Scottish Carties - Typo I'm afraid - It was supposed to read 60 Kph ( now corrected ) I reckon Lola will do 60-70 MPH ( 100 -125 kph ) under ideal conditions and track type.
    Somewhere in Youtube land is a video of Lola crashing at Brooklands at very high speed - But I cannot find it !!
  • for the benefit of the aero post I responded to
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