New Kit Car for Sale

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Hi, i have a full kit car for sale. Built but unused - - collection from York


  • Hi,
    I work with young people not in school or mainstream education, often though no fault of their own. I am interested in forming a team but the costs are difficult - I am cross county as well...West Berkshire and Vale of the White Horse and Oxfordshire all send us to the others :-) What sort of price are you after?

  • Hi, The kit is built and brand new. I am advised that £1500 would be a good price for all, previously purchased for £2500 i think?
  • How big a hurry are you in? I'm interested for next academic says no money but they will cover the insurance I'm sure (or is that in the event fees?) I have one local renewable energy installer saying maybe they can help...but it's going to take weeks at best to get that much together...not spare in my bank balances unfortunately :-)

    How old are the batteries, and do you have a charger? I am guessing it's a Formula 24?

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