New Team In Bedfordshire

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I have started a new team at a school in Luton (I'm the SBM for my sins) and would appreciate any help that I can get. Some advice about any pitfalls of running a team, on setting up a Goblin etc...

I have also challenged another 3 schools locally to start their own team, hopefully we will become a 'goblin hotbed' and start organising some local events...



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    The trick with Goblins is following every instruction to the letter: if it says five washers, use five, and you can't really go wrong. To make your Goblin competitive, experiment with different types of grease to see which makes the wheels most free-running, different tensions on the drive belt, and get your tracking spot on, maybe just erring on toe-in.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for your advice... I have enlisted our Site Agent who races dragsters at Santa Pod as well!! He knows a thing or two about grease...

    Thanks for the tips...
  • We have started our Redborne Racing team in the last two years. Up the A6 in Ampthill - you are more than welcome to come and have a look but its F24 rather than Goblin racing?

    On another note - Cookie - how do you get the little picture next to your user name in the forum threads?

    Cheers Karl
  • I did this on the old version of Lussimo: not entirely sure on this one....

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