Weight of batteries and motor

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Can anyone help. We are a new team and would like to know the weight of an individual battery, as well as the weight of the motor

Many Thanks



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    Hi Beth,

    I've asked the team here at MIRA and we have the following weights;

    Battery = 11.48kg
    Motor = 5.24kg
    Motor Mount = 0.28kg

    Does this sound right or are we running with extra weight? Or are we running underweight???

    EDIT: Added Motor Mount weight.

    Alisdair @ MIRA
  • Thanks that helps a lot. Do you know a rough weight of your car this year?
  • Our car was about 65kg (we never got around to weighing it in its Goodwood spec).

    Alisdair @ MIRA
  • Our cars also weigh around 65kg without the batteries. I don't have the exact weight of the separate component parts but those given sound about what I can recall from physically shifting things around.

    Mr T
  • With batteries and motor, you should be looking at a mass in the region of 50-90kg. Anything too much more is a disadvantage, but not much.
    The key point is to make your vehicle from materials that are appropriate: you don't need a steel laddder chassis, but a you want something more sturdy than 3mm ply for the floor.
  • I have built two with my old school. One had the problem of being a kit car and therefore rather heavy. The other one was a trug. So ive never actually had the chance to build one from scratch. Thank you for your help, as a brand new engineering college there is a lot of expectations on our team this year
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