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Hi everyone. We are LSFC (Luton sixth form college) Racing, and we have been working on a formula 24+ car since September. We have entered Sunday's test day at Goodwood, and once we take delivery of some foam and overalls, we will be ready! However, we have a bit of a problem with shaping the polyethylene foam required on the front of the car into a suitably aerodynamic nosecone. Does anyone have any tips on shaping the foam, or have you stuck it onto other materials (we attempted to stick it onto extruded polystyrene but that hasn't gone particularly well!) Thanks for any replies and we look forward to meeting some of you next Sunday!


  • One method would be to vacuum form or mould a suitable hollow nose cone, make up a block of the energy absorbing foam and carefully carve it to shape so that it's as close a fit as you can get inside the nose cone. Remember you have to ensure you have a minimum of 100mm of energy absorbing foam forward of the front bulkhead but it can be covered by bodywork.
  • We have successfully joined the PE foam to itself using heavy duty spray on carpet adhesive. (Bagpress do a PS adhesive foam which also works well for joining PS panels). Shaping was done using very sharp knife to rough out the shape then a disc grinder with a sanding disc for the final, accurate but hairy shape. We tried to seal the hairy shape using a hot air gun which did an OK job but left the joined surfaces a little proud resulting in a slight stepped effect. We will try again. perhaps with another abrasive based method to remove the hairy bits, Good luck !
  • Thank you all very much for your comments, I think at the minute that we might just put a 10cm block onto the front to pass scrutineering and then have a go at something a bit more adventurous by the time of the first race!
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