Drop any viable sponsors/ Sources of funding that have worked for you in the past in here, Or any tips on how to find sponsors for future teams :)


  • Do a search of the forum for previous threads about this: there are plenty on this topic.
  • Practically all our sponsorship comes through parents and their companies or companies they work for.

  • All our current sponsorship comes from charities/companies based around us. We generally send out sponsorship letters around this time in the year asking people and you get to learn the people who are happy to provide money! We've never had the luck of sponsorship coming from parents and it's good anyway to get the media side around to those not so interested in engineering. In the past (the long long past) we have also done bag packing at local supermarkets which has managed to get just over £1000 for the team.

    Good luck with it!

  • We count ourselves fortunate that we do have parental support........this year we have had sponsorship from Russia and the Caymans......all legit, I promise you!!

  • We rely on friendly companies mostly but have had some,luck with the rotary club and local science society. We have also sold key rings and run a tuck shop in school. They are small amounts but all add up. At the moment we are really struggling with funds, to the point that we had to cancel a race last season as we couldn't afford the diesel and the van. We are desperately seeking new funds but there won't be a TRS racing next season if we fail. :-(
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