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I was just wondering wether there is a weight limit for F24+. Also we are buying the kit car does anyone know if it is heavy and if so will it damage car performance (bodywork is carbon fibre).


  • We had a kit car for our first two years, from what I can remember, chassis weight including batteries and motor was around 100kg, there is no weight limit for any of the cars, however remember that the more weight your car has, the greater its momentum and thus a greater stopping distance (as well as more stress on the joints)

    You can find a 3D model of the Kit Car here, http://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/en_gb/academic/projects-competitions/greenpower.shtml

    I would strongly advise that you completely model your bodywork before starting construction, in the past we made our bodywork by eye, but then we had no idea as the aerodynamic efficiency, making it hard to tell if modifications actually made a difference.

    The weight of the car is probably the 4th most important factor, the others being frontal area, air drag coefficient and coefficient of rolling drag. This is because unlike the aerodynamic forces on the car, the rolling drag remains constant regardless of the speed of the car. Rolling Drag Force (N) = Rolling Coefficient * Mass(kg) * 9.8, I think the rolling coefficient was about 0.009 for the kit car, but it's dependant on your drive chain and tyre type/pressure.

    So whilst weight certainly shouldn't be ignored, there probably isn't much you can do about it for the chassis. Carbon Fibre is probably the most weight efficient bodywork anyway. In F24, one kit car came 34th in the final, which is really impressive to beat all manner of bespoke chassis.
  • Okay good, thanks for that
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