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Hi, at our school we are about to do the final measurements for the carbon fiber bodywork. We have wheel covers that also cover all of the steering components and wishbones, does anyone has any recommendations on how to set up the tracking and camber etc, as the final shape will be based on how the wheels are set up.


  • To set up the tracking, put the steering level in the straight ahead position, and adjust the length of the drag link (the threaded bar that only connects to one wheel), until that wheel faces parallel to the rear wheels. The track rod (the one that connects the two wheels together) needs to be adjusted until both wheels are parallel to each other when the steering is straight ahead.

    The best way to do this is to measure the distance between the two front wheels from the front of the tyre, and then measure the distance between the two front wheels from the back of the tyre, if these distances are the same, then the tracking is done.

    If the wheels splay outwards, this is called toe-out and the track rod length needs to be increased, if the wheels point inwards, the track rod length needs to be reduced.

    If the tracking is incorrect it will heavily impact the cars performance and the tyres will wear quickly.

    Some good resources for steering geometry here: 09/TT _ Sept 09.pdf

  • The other essential, whilst tracking, is to do it with the driver and batteries in the car to allow for flexing in the chassis. Even the slightest deviation from 'straight ahead' will decrease your speed and increase your Wh/mile.
  • Our team really enjoyed doing this, thankfully we were running spare cheap tyres as they scrubbed one, they got the idea though seeing the drag it had.

    Run's well now.
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