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Hi everyone - I have taken over as Greenpower educational team leader(lecturure f.e.). I want to start using solid edge as part of the classes with student. Need a head start if anyone is able to share the basic kit car file(s) with me. I am certain someone somewhere will have loaded images that can be rotated and even show dimensions? Please help. Contact


  • Is this what you're looking for -

    You can download the full CAD model in solid edge (will also open perfectly in NX) from this page

    Welcome to the project!
  • Looks useful only I can't seem to open any of the files in the zip we need the full Solid Edge package first?
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    You need the full solid edge package to view this, students and teachers can download the non-commercial version:

    I can also email you a link to the full assembly as a STEP file if that would be easier?
  • That rings a bell......I remember downloading this some years ago (actually from a CD from Siemens as we found it impossible to download online error free) but I think it timed out due to insufficient use! The Solid Edge icon still shows on my desktop but it doesn't appear to respond and is inoperative. Maybe it needs to be activated again? And how?
  • We have just tried downloading, no joy here?

    CD sounds good.
  • I'm trying to remember where I put the CD! Maybe worth trying to download again unless there is some 'time out' in the software that doesn't allow it.
  • Could you let me now if you're still having problems downloading Solid Edge.

    Students can register at
    Secondary Schools register at

    You may be interested to know the High School Edition is a site license and allows the school to install and use Solid Edge on as many computers as required. Also, both the Student Edition and High School Edition licenses are perpetual, i.e. they will not expire. you can use it forever, or upgrade to the latest release when it's available (ST8 coming soon).

    We're also updating the Solid Edge model of the F24 chassis to make it identical to the manufactured kit (i.e. welds, material specs, etc.). We're also working on increasing our range of Greenpower related tutorials which will be posted to in the near future.


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