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Does anyone have any idea how to make or buy some sort of transmission for the Greenpower kit car,so we don't have just one gear?



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    Zachy, very few cars in F24 or F24+ currently use anything other than a single gear as this is the most efficient way to run your car. One of our cars did use a NuVinci CVT hub for a few seasons, and even won a race at the tightest circuit on the Greenpower calendar, but in general the cost, complexity, difficulty of use and drop in efficiency outweigh any possible gains.

    Derailleur systems can be used quite successfully but only by the most experienced drivers, if the driver selects too high a gear it's likely the motor will be damaged and that's £170 down the drain. Personally I'd recommend any new team, which I think yours is? concentrates on setting up their car perfectly with single speed transmission before getting too ambitious.

  • Hi Zachy2110 - GaryCS has made a good point , its worthwhile experimenting with hub gears but not built into the wheel !! I designed a good system around an shimano Alfine hub gear with a chain drive from the motor to the Alfine and then a chain drive from the Alfine to the wheel You must mimic the kind of speed and torque loads as if the gear was being used in a bike , this requires a lot of thought and you must find out what each ratio is within the hub to avoid expensive noises - Having said all that our first car Prometheus was belt drive single ratio ! We went for a hub gear on the next car so that as we learned the circuits and the competition we had a fair chance of getting a good result and aquiring a ratio data base for the third car .
    Good luck from Wheels
  • As recommended above, go for a single speed transmission. We still have one car on a Rohloff 14 speed which we have been using since 2008 but we are seriously considering changing this over to a single speed as new drivers find it quite a challenge to use this effectively (our drivers only stay for two race seasons before moving on to the senior school that don't do Greenpower!). Our subsequent cars of 2012 & 2014 use single speed to very good effect.

    We did have a car with a NuVinci CVT but this was very inefficient and we scrapped it after one race season......also the same time as Greenpower changed over from 75Ah to 35Ah batteries which sealed its fate.

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