Wanted 24 car

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Wanting to hopefully purchase a secondhand car, ideally under 1K


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    Hi Danandrs.

    We have just decided to sell our F24 car. It is a home-built and not a kit car. This is the 2nd car we have built and has competed in events for the last 4 years undergoing constant development within that time. It has been a consistent finisher and we were invited to compete in the national final last year. We are moving away from F24 so everything to compete is going with car plus spares. This include 8 batteries, 2 motors, speed controllers, data logger, crash helmets, etc. We looking for £800. We are able to deliver a reasonable distance or meet half way.
  • Hi Dunoon Grammar, did you get a response from Danandrs? If not I might be interested. Do you have photos?
  • Hi tristankemp, thanks for your interest. Another school saw the post and have bought the car. Sorry for the delay in replying but have been away on holiday.
  • Hi
    We're currently looking to sell our kit car.
    It's in running condition but needs bodywork.
    Would you be interested?
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