Entire Greenpower Team for sale (excluding competitors!)

I'm very sorry to say that we are having to give up our Greenpower team ambitions, and so we have an entire greenpower team for sale, consisting of the following:

1 Greenpower kit car, reasonably near racing condition, albeit with tatty bodywork
8 batteries
1 (possibly 2 if I can find it) chargers
Bag of appropriate tools
1 tatty but whole caravan, stripped out on the inside and with an access hatch cut in the side for the car. This is a project / work in progress and would probably need new tyres if it were going to be towed a huge distance. If this is not needed it will be scrapped.
1 new motor (and one motor fitted to the car)
1 roof box and some aluminium box section, and 2 bike wheels, bought to be the start of a new car. Not developed very far
Various other miscellany.

I am not looking for very much for this - £700 would do it I think - but it needs to be gone by September! The school is in Bushey, Herts.

Thank you!



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