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Does anybody else feel disadvantaged by using the new grey top batteries? Our tests and the manufacturers data sheets show that these batteries have at least 20% less capacity than the older black top batteries.
So would it not be more competitive and fair if next season each team has to use the same type of battery?


  • Do you have any links to the manufacturer's datasheets because the only ones I can find say that both types of battery are the same size and weight, and both state 32Ahr at a 10 hour discharge rate.

    Looking at the most recent discharge tests we've done, our two grey batteries average 25.2Ahr, we have six black batteries and the best two average 24.9Ahr with the other four being around the 23 - 24Ahr mark; I'm not going to state the discharge current to avoid showing our hand too much! As far as I can tell there's little difference between the two types.

    Could I ask how you know your grey batteries are 20% lower capacity than the black ones under the same conditions? I assume you've tested both types back to back?
  • here is the link -
    where there is a table which details the 1hr capacity for the YPC33 at 22Ah
    We also only have access so a small sample of the grey topped batteries and all x4 are similar and very close to the data sheet. We also have black topped batteries which were purchased at different times which all had 20% more capacity.

  • It would seem that all or our batteries, grey and black, give more than 22Ahr at a one hour discharge rate (estimating from our actual test rate) but in our case the grey ones are definitely better than the black ones. We'd be more than happy to swap our used black batteries for new grey ones!!!
  • Hi JJGP,

    I'm not sure what that data sheet shows, in regards to your concern. Without individual data sheets for the black and thew grey battery, we cannot compare. Also, battery spec sheets tend to be conservative in their estimates - battery manufacturing is not a super consistent process and the manufacturer will want to avoid underperforming.

    How many cycles have you put the grey batteries through? We found that in their first few tests, they underperformed by quite a margin compared to our existing black tops. After a few more cycles though, they had 'woken up' and were performing just as well as our existing batteries.

  • I have some batteries for sale, they have only been through a maximum of 5 cycles, if interested, please post here.
  • tvr450, please post a new thread in the "parts for sale" section of the forum
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