Batteries for sale

I have several batteries for sale, they have only had up to 5 power-cycles.
They are YPC-33 some are Green Power branded, others are black Yuasa.
They are all 'black top'.
Price around £40 each, but make me an offer.
Contact me on this forum initially.


  • hi - we would be interested, we are very short of batteries
  • how do we move forward
  • Please email me at andrew_hayter at yahoo dot com
  • 8 Batteries left for sale, please email me if interested.
  • Hi
    Are we allowed to run the batteries without Greenpower sticker on them?
    Some advice from admin would be useful here.
  • Hi Sam,

    You can run batteries without the Greenpower stickers providing they are Yuasa 'REC36-12' batteries (or older model Yuasa 'YPC33-12'). No other batteries are permitted.

  • Still 8 available, these all have the Greenpower stickers. I need to clear these, so £10 each. andrew_hayter at yahoo dot com.
  • SOLD to Ian
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