A New Motor Cooling System

My name is George Morley and I am a student at Derby Grammar School, I am currently studying AS level Design and Technology. As a part of this subject I am required to complete a project which will act as a solution to a problem, I am also required to find a `client' who shall evaluate my progress and help me to discover flaws and make improvements. The problem which is in question is that of an overheating issue related to the electric motor incorporated in the schools F24 and F24+ cars.
I am posting here in order to find a client who is knowledgeable and interested in this area, if you feel that you would be able to help and will be available to discuss my project with me on a regular basis then please get in contact.


  • If I were to be still around much after Christmas I would be more than happy to act as 'client' seeing as you are neighbors to Foremarke. Stating the obvious I can see only two ways to keep motors cool and that is to limit the amps through gearing and/or apply external cooling via air flow or powered fans along with heat sinks. We often use a combination of all of those factors.
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