New Steering System

My name is James Phipps and I am a student at Derby Grammar School. I am currently studying AS Level Design & Technology. I am aiming to do a project on our School's Greenpower F24/F24+ car, involving the steering.
I am posting here to try and find a client who is interested in this subject, is knowledgeable in the area and is available to help me with my project on a regular basis.


  • Hi
    Would it not be possible to state your client as your school's Greenpower club, and to utilise the "Two birds, one stone" idea?
  • That would be the easy option! We are encouraged to seek a 'client' outside of the school environment to give us a more realistic experience. Hopefully there may be a team interested in developing the steering aspect of a current or future car.
  • James, I work with sandbach high school (are you running our old carbon QT?).
    Anyway, we developed a front wheel drive system for a greenpower car, but didn't use it in the end, so the prototype/mockup is just gathering dust and wasting space in my garage. It actually cost me quite a bit in materials, parts, time and custom fabrication and assembly. If you think it might be interesting drop me an email on 1957 dot bob dot carter at gmail dot com I can send you pictures etc.
  • Hi Bob, Carbon QT was on the same trailer as FR-1 on their way to Ebbsfleet Academy in Kent. I believe they have both been given to a good home!
  • Thank You very much for everyone's input however I think that I have found a client. I may be back to ask for advise in the future.
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