F24 Car for Sale (Bedford)

We've had a past competitor get in touch with us wanting to sell a Greenpower Car previously raced in the Bedford Schools events.

Please find pictures below.

The vehicle will require a fair amount of work for it to comply to 2016 regulations, so is up for sale for £500.

If you are interested in the vehicle please get in contact and we will pass you onto the seller.

photo High Voltage 2012 side_zpsgjkj8mul.jpg

photo High Voltage 2012 front_zpsznltvvmc.jpg


  • Laura, What sort of work will need to be completed please? Not sure Thomas will be able to do this on his own for a first attempt after racing for school? We would be interested if you think it is possible? Thx Helen
  • Hi Helen,

    I've just checked with the seller and apparently a sale has been agreed, so it no longer available, Sorry!


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