Kit Car for Sale


Chosen Hill Racing are looking to sell their kit car, The Chosen One
We'd be looking at a price of around £1600, with which you'd get the car, which is in full running condition but requires bodywork, two different sized sprockets, one of which is in the car (geared for 19 and 29 mph @ 2000RPM), and 2 batteries, relatively old but still working well enough for testing and whatever else.

You'd be looking at pretty much 50% off here. The last race we went to, the Goodwood Test in April 2015, we came in the top half of the kit cars despite running batteries past their best and stopping each lap to change driver (we had 8 lads to fit in during only a few hours of testing, and we missed one session due to breaking an old motor before completing even one lap in Session 1).

To advance the car, some new Schwalbe slick tyres, bike chain and possibly a speed controller would get you quite well off in the kit car pecking order. Bodywork is left to the creativity of your students...

The driven sprocket currently in the car has 65 teeth, or so I recall, so is 5 teeth smaller than the standard kit car sprocket, which has 70 teeth. This, in turn, gives a slightly higher ratio and more speed, which can't be a bad thing. I'm not sure how long you'd get the batteries to last with the second sprocket we have for it, but I think it's fair to say some serious lightening would be needed. I'm sure that, if our plans hadn't changed, we'd have had a go.


  • Something I forgot to add:
    If interested, or wishing to negotiate, please email me at:
  • Due to drastic changes of plan here at CHS, the car is no longer for sale.
  • Another note:
    Changes keep happening. Car for sale again.
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