New team requires a rolling chassis.

Hi, our school is just starting an F24 project, and we need a rolling chassis or more. We have limited funds but we have loads of engineering expertise and facilities to modify a none-compliant or damaged chassis.

We will consider anything (if it comes at the right price!).



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    We are currently selling our kit car.
    Sold running but without bodywork.
    2 sets of old red-top batteries will be included, which should be adequate for a new team to get going. We'll voltage test these for you.
    Looking for £1500 but any sensible offers considered.
    The car only needs bodywork to get on track so would be unlikely to cost you any more than £1600 to get on track.
    We need to sell the car sooner rather than later so, as I say, any sensible offer will be considered.
    For more information please e-mail me at:
  • Is there anyway to post pictures on this forum?
  • There is, but can I email them to you, find posting pictures on here a right pain.
    Our old Aluminium bodywork will now be included in the price. It's a little tatty but complies with the regs. We'll be taking the car to the Hampshire Cop Car event next month, if it is not sold by then, and will be running on the old batteries I said were included in the offer. With some more advanced setting up it could do better, but has a slightly higher than standard gear ratio so should do OK anyway (if the batteries last the race)
    Contact me via the email address posted earlier for pictures and more info
  • If you're still looking for a stand alone chassis - we are selling one, looking for £750 but will consider your best offer. Contact me on
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