Introducing the idea to school

Hi, I'm putting a proposal together to my children's school, to start a team and incorporate the set up in to the KS2 curriculum. A few questions have come up and I wondered if anyone on here could help with them.

1. What is the cost/number of children it will benefit ratio? Kits cost 1500 pounds but what are additional costs?
2. Public liability insurance. What insurance would the school need for the project?
3. Once kits are bought, can they be reused or is it one kit per 15-20 week project?

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  • Hi,
    As far as I know, insurance is supplied at greenpower events but the time in which you run the club will need to be insured by yourself.
    The Goblin is very easy to put together and take apart, so you don't need to buy a new one each year by any means.
    On the subject of Goblins, if you want a nice cheap one, our is up for sale at £500.
    It needs a few bits doing to it (new drive wheel, bodywork, general TLC) and will need new batteries, but it's a good cheap car for the price.
    You'd be surprised how much of a difference general setting up can make. Well pumped-up tyres, dead straight tracking and minimal break rub and bearing friction can put you very near the top in the very tight class which is Goblin.
    Additional costs are:
    Batteries, when they come to need replacing
    Tyres, when they come to need replacing
    Bodywork, but the cheaper the better. There are awards for bodywork sustainability etc, or so I remember.
    If you want to know more about the Goblin we're selling, please email me on:
  • Thanks for replying. We're not quite there yet as still putting forward fundraising ideas! All useful information to take to the committee. I'm assuming this is a year 5/6 project or can year 3/4 take part?

    Thanks again.
  • One more question to anyone out there. How much space is needed to put the kit together? Is this something that can be done in the classroom or does there need to be outside space such as a garage? Thanks
  • You may want an outside space (playground) to test the car and obviously will need to consider where you build the car so you can get it back out again once you've built it.
    Our is built at the moment but could be dismantled for you. To be honest I'd suggest you dismantled it after purchase as we don not have the car's manual.
    Keeping your batteries in a classroom is better, because they tend to be at a more constant temperature in there.
    Goblin is for ages 9 to 11 so year 4 through 6 respectively really.
  • Hi,

    I'll try and answer as many questions as I can.

    Other than the cost of the kit you'll need a couple of helmets, some gloves and overalls. I think a capital cost of £2000 should cover everything you need, including the kit. After that £100 - £150 a year to cover breakages entry fees etc.

    As for the number of pupils you can get involved, 12 is easy to accommodate but I've heard of up to about 20 being involved, so over a 5 year period you're only looking at about £25 per pupil.

    Insurance is provided by Greenpower for races. You will need your own for practice and construction, I know a lot of schools are generally covered by the polices they already have.

    Space to put it together is minimal, it can easily be done in a classroom, part built and fully built kits can be stored in a corner. Tool requirements are very basic, mainly allen keys and spanners.

    Hope this helps

  • Cost of the kit is that much if bought NEW, JD210
    Second hand you can get a kit which needs a few new parts for £500.... :)
  • Great help, thanks chaps. Fingers crossed school goes for it!
  • We hope they go for it too - the goblin needs to go ASAP and it will be good to see a new team out.
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