Anyone selling a Formula 24 Kit Car?

Hi all,

We are a school team aiming to enter into the 2017 Formula 24 season. We intend to go with the kit car, but have noticed that many secondhand cars are noticeably cheaper than the new ones. Does anybody have any secondhand kit cars that they would like to sell to us?

If you do, please email

Thank you,

Reading School Formula 24 Team


  • Have e-mailed you
  • Our car is for sale too, and I've also dropped you a message. Thanks.
  • Might be interested in buying one too...
  • email me on if you'd like more information about our kit car which is on the market at the moment
  • We are selling a frame for £750, so you could either buy second hand or new parts (£850 less than the kit car package) to make it into a full kit car. It's a great deal for an almost brand new kart.

    Email me on
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