unused Formula F24/F24+ Kit Car for sale inclusive parts

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We are selling our greenpower F24 car inclusive parts.
The car is unfinished and unused.

It was stored away/hanging in the prep room since the last 4 years.
It's all a bit dusty. The chassis should be cleaned/sanded and painted.
Almost everything is assembled already, basically you could just mount the wheels and the motor, connect the battery and it would work. Personally I would redo everything from scratch.

It comes with:
unfinished chassis (no powder coating or painted), motor, four wheels, disc brakes, four batteries, harness, all unused.
Please see photos for more details!

£1000 ONO
Collection in London SE11
Please send me a message for more details.

photo DSC_0216.jpg
photo DSC_0215.jpg
photo DSC_0217.jpg
photo DSC_0218.jpg
photo DSC_0219.jpg
photo DSC_0220.jpg
photo DSC_0223.jpg
photo DSC_0222.jpg
photo DSC_0224.jpg


  • Hi,
    To any potential buyers please note that these batteries are no longer legal to race and as such can only be used for testing.
    Just a note as we wouldn't want anyone putting a load of effort and money in to be told they can't race!
  • Oh, I didn't know that, thanks for letting me know!
    Also I will lower the my asking price to £800 ONO
  • Hi is the car still for sale?
    If so please could you send me some information about it on ethanjames67@icloud.com
  • Hi
    Sorry, the whole lot is sold.
    Good luck
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