Wiring question

Hi everyone, this year was my first year helping at my kids school with the assembly and running of the goblin cars, absolutely loved it and looks like I've landed a role for the next few years!
Attended my first event a few weekends back which was at Banjo road Littlehampton, great day even though one of our cars was run off the road and suffered some damage but hey that's racing???
Would like to ask a few questions about wiring, whilst walking around the pit area checking out some of the faster goblins (like you do) I noticed that almost every team has a different take on the wiring, after reading the guidelines we didn't think any modifications could be made to the wiring kit supplied with the car? the first noticeable modification was the removal of the front isolation switch and a rather large jumper cable between the 2 batteries, and when I say huge we're talking car size battery cable! So what exactly are the guidelines regarding wiring and what can be changed, same also for the front isolation switch?
What is interesting is that we have 2 goblin cars, one is newer than the other and the newer one has wiring that is substantially thicker than the other.
Our damaged car is all fixed again and ready to race at the Goodwodd event in July.



  • Hi Glen,
    We were also racing at littlehampton and a great day was had by all!
    Within the last couple of years Greenpower have changed the wiring harness to incorporate thicker wires, which might explain why your older car has thinner wires.
    The jumper cable on the new wiring harness is slightly thicker than the other wires and comes with its own fuse.
    Over the years some teams have (as you noticed) introduced their own wires, probably with the aim of drawing more power from the batteries. This is not allowed under greenpower regs and I believe the marshalls at some events have pulled teams up on this.
    I believe that the earlier Goblin kits did not come with a front isolator switch, which would explain why some cars do not have one fitted.

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