Wanted bodywork.

I am new to green power but have been looking at them for a while.
I am looking at getting some bodywork to start my build my question is if anyone is willing to make me a body from there mould or sell or lend me a mould.
Ideally the body would need to be designed for people of around 6ft.
Let me know if you can help.
Regards Matty


  • whswhs
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    Matty, I have an excellent mould that was given to us by King James School, Knaresborough. You're welcome to use it and I know that KJS would be pleased to know that it's being put to good use. I'll try to post a pic of the car we made from it tomorrow. The height of drivers will just depend on how clever you are designing your chassis.
  • whswhs
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    Here's one of the finished cars as built by the Crag Rats at KJS. photo image_zpsjmup7orr.jpeg

    Your only problem may be collecting the mould as it is in N Lancs. Where are you?
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the offer, I am in North Lincolnshire.
    What are the overall dimensions.
    Regards Matty
  • 2.8m long, not sure of the rest. About 800 wide I think.
  • Been into school today so had a little measure for you. 2700 long, 640 wide and 580 tall.
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