2017 Regs

Really great to see the new regs out so early and no major new rules - always good.

Just want to clear up some confusion:
T2.2 states that "data loggers must be powered off the main batteries"
T2.3 states: Additional batteries may be used to power Auxiliary devices,
described as any device which does not contribute directly to
race performance e.g. brake lights, horn, datalogger. These
must not exceed one PP3 or six AA cells per car.

These two seem a little contradictory to me, especially as T2.3 only reiterates what T2.2 has already said. Perhaps Greenpower should remove T2.3 to clear up any confusion?

What does everyone else think to the new rules?


  • No big changes which is always a relief!

    I have asked about the nose cone foam being available to see in scrutineering - our foam is shaped, laminated then painted so not easy to see. I've sent in some pictures of the nose construction so hopefully we can be given a note in the log book to say that it is indeed blue extruded polystyrene. We can also bring a sample along.
    The other changes are quite minor so shouldn't be a problem for most, and it's good to have the new regs nice and early so thanks for that GP team!
  • We are very interested in the outcome of your foam question... as will quite a few I imagine.
  • @Sam_CHS,

    It's a mistake on our part - Dataloggers will remain to be allowed to externally powered. This will be amended and a new version of the regulations will be up as soon as possible.

    We'll get back to you re Foam.

  • Another question regarding brakes -

    T8.2. A minimum of two independent brake systems must be fitted,
    such that there is still some braking if one system were to fail.

    Can we still use the dual action lever set up such as the one sold by Greenpower with one lever operating two independent cables, one to each wheel brake?
  • Thanks for clarifying that Laura.
    Ben, I'm sure a lot of teams, ourselves included, will be affected by T8.2 so if we do have to change things it would be nice to know.
    Hopefully we'll get to a point where it's all crystal clear which would be great for all teams.
    The regulations are yet again presented very professionally and clearly once again - kudos to Greenpower on that one!
  • Regarding T8.2 - The regulation is the same as previous years, we have just tried to clarify the meaning of it with the change in wording.

    Two separate lines to one dual lever is still acceptable.

    - Laura
  • That's great, thanks for everyone's help.
    Good luck to everyone for next season!
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