Rockingham Finals

Thanks to the Greenpower team for running a fantastic finals weekend at Rockingham. The organisation required must be an enormous task so thanks to all involved behind the scenes.

The Richard Lander Racing team had a fantastic time and are already looking forward to the new season. There was plenty of good chat between teams and a great vibe all around the paddock. Once again teams were thoroughly helpful to each other and there were good spirits all around as far as I could see. Hopefully all teams are satisfied with results, with no repercussions!

Congratulations to Sandbach with Dylan proving to be a fantastic car, along with many other really good cars racing this year. It really does show that you can't take anything for granted when last season's 1 + 2 are pushed down to 5 + 6; improvements are happening all the time with some great new cars racing. We're really pleased with RLR 3, it showed some real pace and were it not for a gremlin at the start of race 2 we might have given the front runners a good race.

Here's to a good 'off season'...



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