Hi All,

I'm from the Clarendon Academy, at Rockingham Test Day this year, we unfortunately suffered a nasty crash into the pitlane wall just moments into the second race - although there were no major injuries to our driver, the kart was dealt a horrific blow to its front right steering mechanism, we are currently trying to find the following replacement parts for our kit kart, but we lack the funds to purchase it brand new:

1 x Front Right Top Wishbone
1 x Front Right Lower Wishbone
1 x 20" Wheel

All of these bits need to fit a Formula 24 Kit Kart and I really hope that someone is selling these bits! We will also collect!

The Lion's


  • Hello the Lions,

    We can donate you a couple of 20 inch wheels, they originally came with our kit but we have upgraded since then... PM me for details and arrangements.


  • Hello, we are also looking for parts which the team could purchase. If you have any wheels or steering parts please let us know. Thanks
  • We've still got some 20" wheels going spare if need be
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