Roll bars

Hi. We're currently in the process of constructing our roll bar but there is still some confusion about the regulations. We would be grateful if the specifications for the roll bars, e.g. the dimensions, thickness, materials etc, were made clear here.

Many thanks,

GHS Go Kart team


  • There's been a lot of discussion on this here:

    Our team opted for 4130 chromoly tube, diameter is 25.4mm and wall thickness 1.65mm for RLR 2, then for RLR 3 we reduced the diameter to 19.05mm and maintained the same wall thickness.

    The current regs say 'Aluminium or steel square or circular section roll bars are to be
    used and must be strong enough and of sufficient dimensions to
    perform satisfactorily.' The above dimensions and material were tested using FEA, as detailed in the discussion.
  • I would very strongly recommend 1"/25mm Steel tube with 1.65mm wall thickness.

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