Due to a recent issue, we've decided that our journey in the Greenpower Challenge has come to an end, we have a variety of stuff that we are selling as an almost starter pack, or any team looking to expand into a second car.. It comes with:

1 x Greenpower Kit Car Chassis w/ most parts*
6 x 12V Greenpower Batteries
6 x Overalls (various sizes, from small to large)
3 x Small Helmets
1 x Medium Helmet
2 x Sets of Gears (making up to 4 gear ratio combinations)
3 x New Inner Tubes
/ and a variety of over bits and bobs

*due to a crash in a completely different kart that the wheels were on, it is missing a wheel, which would need to be replaced along with some minor components that were damaged. All other components are not damaged and work perfectly. The steering system was damaged but is easily fixed with new rods.

We are looking for £2000 ONO for it all, we estimate it all to be worth around £2750.00 with everything being second hand but are looking for a quick sale.

You can contact me for more information at


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