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I'm Carolina and I'm part of PSEM's team, from Portugal. We are looking for transportation for a prototype car within England from the place we are staying to all the 4 races we are participating. Does anyone know who (any company) we should talk to? We need 2 cars and 1 van for transporting our racing car.
Thank you.


  • Where are you staying?
  • Hey,

    We are planing to stay somewhere near Collingwood College in September, the place where our car will stay so that we can work between competitions. We will participate in 3 races during September: Dunsfold, Castle Comb and Aintree. So, from the 6th of September to the 20th we will need 1 car and 1 van and also to transport the car from the place where it will arrive (DSV Road Ltd, Stonehouse Lane, Purfleet) to the College.

    In October, for the International Final we are going to stay at a local residence (Yha Thurlby) near Rockingham. Here we will need 2 cars and transport from Corby to Stonehouse Lane.
    Our main problem is with the transportation of the car from the place where it will arrive in London to the College and in October from Corby back there (DSV Road Ltd, Stonehouse Lane, Purfleet).

    Thank you
  • Sorry, we can't help as we're further north but it will help your case having the itinerary posted here for others to read. Have DSV confirmed the delivery address? Only, when we had our car brought back from the USA we were led to believe it would be in their Essex warehouse and it's currently in Southampton. Make sure they do what they say they're going to. If I was ever invited to race in Portugal (please) I'd be tempted to beg, steal, borrow, rent a van and drive all the way. That way you are in control all the way and you get a team building road trip into the bargain. We did this to get to Poland last year, which is a similar distance. But, I appreciate that your plan is already in motion. Good luck, hope to see you at Rockingham.
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