Steering mechanism

We're entering GP for the first time in September (F24+) and I wondered if anyone had a suggestion for choice of stub axles and ways to mount onto chassis. We're building from scratch with limited time so I'm considering getting a pre assembled system from a 2nd hand Kart. Has anyone else done this?



  • Hi Pete

    We blogged the design and build of a very easy to build Greenpower car last year, SG1, this is a link to the steering hub page:

    You could do a lot worse than reading through the whole blog as it will give you plenty of ideas for building a car quickly and with limited tools.

  • Thanks Gary - really helpful. There's a wealth of common sense in your blog - thanks for sending me the link. I like your comments on the benefits of datalogging. We're just waiting for an updated PCB for our echook nano so hopefully we can get into datalogging fairly soon.

    Since posting, I've come across a 2nd hand recumbent trike that will probably do what I'm looking for. It has ackerman steering, 12inch wheels + drum brakes on front wheels so will save some time there.

    Recumbent trikes have steering arms so will need to modify for a steering wheel. Do you know whether it is within regs to use a steering wheel that operates steering via a cable system rather than direct mechanical linkage on steering column? The trike arms could easily be operated in this way.

  • Hi Pete,
    Salvaging from the recumbent seems a great idea!

    T11.3 states that 'Steering must be by mechanical linkages only' - So a cable, as long as it is sturdy, should suffice. In fact, this is how outboard motors on small boats are steered.

    You could keep the steering arms if you like - steering wheels tend to increase that car's frontal area a lot so many cars use simple levers either by the driver's sides or above their hips.

    If you haven't found them already, you'll probably want to look at the regs here:

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Sam - it hadn't occurred to me not to use a steering wheel - I'll look into it.
  • Pete, here's a photo of a car with tank style steering levers as suggested by Sam. The levers were cut down to be much shorter, this was just a test fit.

    This would probably be a good option for steering derived from a recumbent trike.
  • Thanks!
    I know this might sound a silly question but is there any difference between F24 and F24+ other than the nature of the race?
  • F24+ are typically geared to run a bit faster because they are able to draw more current due to the shorter race duration, otherwise the cars are the same.
  • We've been reading your blog very carefully and have decided to adopt your system of plywood and styrofoam. We've used an old dexion shelving unit for the chassis and had some 6mm ply going spare so no point wasting it - a bit of extra weight to carry. Didn't realise styrofoam was so expensive - luckily ebay came to the rescue.
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