End of the 2017 season.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Greenpower for yet another great season of competition, and for once again giving thousands of students the fantastic opportunity to take part in such a unique series. Well done to all of the teams who competed in yesterday's final, and to RLR for their deserving win in F24 & Bluebird in the F24+ championship.

As those of you that attended prize giving know, Greenpower CEO Jeremy Way is also leaving - after 14 years of Greenpower - and so I feel a massive thank you from our team, and others on this forum - would show our appreciation for all that Jeremy has done to shape what Greenpower is today.

Best of luck to all teams in the off-season, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!


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    Well done to all teams that took part over the weekend for contributing to a brillant International Finals! It is a huge achievement to even build a car in the first place, so well done! We are obviously rather pleased to have finally made the top step after many years of climbing our way up the standings.
    A brief history of our team for newbies...
    Our first car 'V24' raced in 2007, it qualified for the finals that year by default as it came 3rd out of 3 at the Cornwall Heat at Wadebridge. It was a truly awful car, and could barely make a lap of Goodwood without breaking down. I think we finished almost dead last at the finals that year. We have since progressed through RLR 1 (6th in 2012 ran from 2010-14), RLR 2 (2nd 2015, ran from 15-17 - died at Newquay this year) and now RLR 3 (3rd 2016, 1st 2017), in each case making improvements to the design in terms of aerodynamics, rolling resistance and mass. RLR 3 still runs a single speed gear ratio operated by an on/off relay - no electronic control. We have just started to use datalogging this year with the installation of an echook system, which I can highly recommend.
    My message is that a simple scratch built car can win this event, without the need for sophisticated electronics, multiple gear ratios, or gleaming curvy bodyshells (although Dylan still looks the absolute business imho!). So get building and get the basics right - aerodynamics, rolling resistance and mass.
    Best of luck to Jeremy on the farm, he has done a brilliant job shaping Greenpower into the organisation it is today, I'm sure we'll see him around.
    Cheers all!
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    We at Bournemouth and Poole College thoroughly enjoyed our first final this year. Although our main driver has about 6 greenpower seasons behind her!

    We did better than we could of imagined at the beginning of the season, coming 8th in the Kit car final and also first placed kit car in each of our F24+ races.

    Thank you all for a great experience.
  • Congrats to RLR a well deserved win after lots of good development and hard work over many years and congrats all of the other teams for whatever place you managed at the final. An excellent race day as usual from GP.
    Good luck to Jeremy in his endeavours, he will be missed.
    And good luck to all teams for the start of the engineering on-season :).
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