Please Read Before Posting a Comment

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Hi, and welcome to the Greenpower forum.

This is your opportunity to discuss all things Greenpower racing with like minded souls but before you post there are one or two things you should bear in mind.

This is quite a relaxed message board with a wide range of users of different ages and from different backgrounds. Greenpower are keen to make sure that all contributors have the freedom to express their opinions here without the inconvenience of spam posting or intimidation of any kind. The following constitutes a code of conduct which you will be expected to follow. Most of this is common sense.

- The forum will not tolerate the use of foul language.

- Racist, sexist or intimidating messages or links will be removed and the accounts of repeat offenders will be permanently deleted.

- Though topics tend to drift, please try to stick to subjects largely relevant to the topic title. It’s very easy to start your own topic, try not to hi-jack others.

- Though we are, in the main, in the education system, this is not a school and your spelling and grammar will not be corrected. However, you must try to make your point in a clear manner. Some topics obviously welcome txt spk, in others it is not helpful. Be considerate in the way you express yourself and be tolerant of others.

- Persistent use of caps lock is not considered polite.

- Do try to make a point in your initial posts:-
Not so good.

“You seem to have a problem with your chain tension? We solved that by……..”
Much more impressive.

- There is a team of moderators who can intervene in the the case of offensive, intimidating or spam posting. This moderating process is not helped by sniping. If you feel that a post is in breach of the code of conduct, please do not react to it by negative posting as this becomes part of the problem. Report the post to and let admin and the moderators sort it out.

In general, have a look through a few threads, where you’ll find expert veterans, entertaining characters and all manner of contributors who share your interests. Get the feel of the site, post accordingly and you will be welcomed.

Thank you.
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